key(s): Dmin

bpm(s): 199

comments: This remix contest is for Stature (re:mixes+)! I'll be picking up to 6 submissions. Share this with anyone please :3

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Finale Melody (Single) (1).mid

Intro Melody.mid

First Drop Staccatos (1).mid

Stature - EX Synths_2.wav

Stature - Pianos 2_2.wav

Finale Melody (Single).mid

Mid Section Melodies (1).mid

Stature - Trill Strings_2.wav

Stature - VOX 2_2.wav

Stature - Staccato Strings_2.wav

Stature - Snares 2_2.wav

Stature - HATS_2.wav

Stature - VOX_2.wav

Stature - Snares_2.wav

Intro and Finale Chords (1).mid

Stature - Clock PErcs_2.wav

Stature - Claps_2.wav

Stature - Trill Bass_2.wav

Stature - Drum Fills_2.wav

Stature - Supersaws_2.wav

Stature - synth pluckes_2.wav

First DropPlucks.mid

Mid Section Melodies.mid

First DropPlucks (1).mid

Stature - Synth Plucks 2_2.wav

Finale Melody (Layered) (1).mid

Mid Section Chords.mid

Finale Melody (Layered).mid

Stature - Long Strings_3.wav

Stature - LoW Serum Bass_2.wav

Stature - REG BASS_2.wav

Stature - Pianos_4.wav

Stature - Harder basses_2.wav

Stature - OS BASS_2.wav

Outro swing melody (1).mid

Stature - SFX and percs_2.wav

Outro swing melody.mid

Stature - Long Cellos_2.wav

Stature - Synth ARPS_2.wav

Mid Section Chords (1).mid

Intro Melody (1).mid

Stature - VOX 3_2.wav

First Drop Staccatos.mid

Intro and Finale Chords.mid