Micah Callari

key(s): E ?? A ?? B ?? idek

bpm(s): 150

comments: and i don't make many pretty songs, cuz i'm supposed to be handsome, right?
IMPORTANT NOTE: i have omitted to include the solo Drums track. all the drums in this song are essentially just samples either from Splice or sample packs you have to purchase. the real wacky distorted sounds are from "Kickelpack (oops all gabber)" by mickelbach. it's 7 US dollars on PLEASE buy it. The breakdown drums are from Jane Remover's Moment Splice pack, specifically MO_JANE_snare_leroy_lifetime_D (pitched around to fit the chords) & MO_JANE_140_drum_loop_mechanic_fills. all of it is worth it i promise.


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03 fireplace 150bpm Vocals.wav

03 fireplace 150bpm Synths.wav

03 fireplace 150bpm Bass.wav

03 fireplace 150bpm Instrumental.wav

03 fireplace 150bpm FX.wav