Groove Battery 2 Remastered (Tutorial/Intro)

Micah Callari

key(s): C major / C# minor

bpm(s): 90/75/150

comments: and every day i yearn for the past i can't reach
TEMPO CHANGES: 90bpm from the beginning until the 8-bit square wave counts 4 beats, where it hard cuts to 75bpm. The second the guitars start is when the song hard cuts to 150bpm for the rest of the song.
IMPORTANT: the guitar loop isn't mine, so i'm not including the solo track as part of the stems. it's a Splice sample from the underscores Moment pack called MO_US_150_guitar_loop_acoustic_bittersweet_full_C#min. for its amplifier, which wasn't originally part of the loop, i used Plugin Alliance's Ampeg SVTVR Classic. it works ok i guess like i just have like 7 plugin alliances plugins and i think they were free from some deal??? but i don't remember where they came from honestly . the drum loops, which i've also excluded due to being Splice samples, are also from the underscores pack. names are MO_US_120_drum_loop_live_break_slow & MO_US_184_drum_loop_live_breakfast if any1 wants to use them (they are good drum loops)


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full song:


05 GB2Rti 90-75-150bpm Bass.wav

05 GB2Rti 90-75-150bpm Vocals.wav

05 GB2Rti 90-75-150bpm Synths.wav

05 GB2Rti 90-75-150bpm Drums.wav

05 GB2Rti 90-75-150bpm Instrumental.wav